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Spoonuel is the solo project of New Yorker Sam Poon, a 21-year old production prodigy who meshes together a vast array of inspirations into unique and irrepressibly vivacious music. 

Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Spoonuel’s talents also extend to professional Broadway acting. He has worked with Train, Karen O, Foster the People and performed at Carnegie Hall. 

Spoonuel produces for independent artists in and around New York, including for his girlfriend and fellow artist Chloe Berry.

Production Credits:

Everyday by Chloe Berry

Nothing by Chloe Berry 

Bugs by Chloe Berry 

Bitter Melon by Chloe Berry 

Blueberry Jams by Chloe Berry

Not Thinking Right by Chloe Berry

Unbecoming by Chloe Berry 

Darling by Chloe Berry 

Dreamers by Ashantay Ganaway

bounceback (EP) by McGovern X Neu loops

Score for the film Good Grief by Christopher Jason Straker

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