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From Broadway stages to intimate studio sessions, my journey in music has been a lifelong adventure of creativity and passion. Hi! I'm Sam, and my love for music has been unwavering since childhood. Beginning with professional acting in Broadway musicals and national tours, I was always surrounded by the magic of performance. However, it was in high school, experimenting with Logic and recording with friends, that I discovered my true calling as a musician.

On those tours, I picked up the acoustic and electric guitar, teaching myself to play and developing a deep connection with the instrument. My breakthrough came with the off-Broadway show "Sing Street," where I not only performed as one of the main roles but also played guitar, bass, piano, and keys. This experience was transformative, allowing me to lock in with a band and form lifelong friendships with fellow musicians.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 paused our rehearsals for the Broadway transfer, but I seized the opportunity to deepen my craft. Enrolling at Berklee College of Music, I immersed myself in music production, honing my skills as a writer, engineer, and producer. The past four years have been a whirlwind of freelance work, juggling multiple rock bands, and working in a professional recording studio, all while applying my evolving knowledge in real-time.

Graduating from Berklee this spring marks a new chapter in my career. I'm now poised to release my own music consistently, stepping out of hibernation and fully embracing my role in the vibrant NYC music scene. Surrounded by incredible local talent, I draw inspiration daily, grateful to be part of such a dynamic community.

As I continue to evolve as a musician, I remain committed to creating, learning, and sharing my art with the world. My journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the belief that passion, when nurtured, can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Past Credits

¿baby blue? is the story of an intergalactic war criminal sent to exterminate a poisonous planet in a neighboring galaxy. Told entirely through music using Gian Perez’s first album Baby Blue and his hip-hop project Seymour Strange (¿?), this piece is a multimedia concert experience fusing concert, theater, performance art, and live music video to create a new form.

Production Design & Stage Management by Pedro Hernandez
Costume Design by Nicole Jablonski
Band: Anthony Genovesi, Greg Lou & Spoonuel

Let these jovial yet poignant tunes (narrated by Chloe's dulcet vocals) guide you through whatever hardships that may come your way. My credits include recording, producing, performing, co-arranging, mixing, and mastering. Here's a Spotify playlist to hear more.

McGovern takes you on a journey with his dynamic and beautiful tunes. I am happy to have been involved over these years whether it be producing, mixing, performing, and more.

Last spring I had the opportunity to record, mix, and master a live studio album with the rock improv group Su$hi, helmed by Gian Pérez. Greg Lou was on bass and Tony Genovesi on drums. I've also gotten the opportunity to join the band at local shows, primarily on samples/electronics and sometimes percussion.

Video Edited by Will Poon
Song rec/prod me, feat. the homie Skylar Symone :)

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