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22-year-old musician and artist Sam Poon (he/they),

better known by his solo project Spoonuel,

emerges as a dynamic force, weaving a

tapestry of diverse influences into music

that is both unique and irresistibly vibrant.

Sam's journey into the realm of creativity began

at an early age, where his innate passion for the

arts found expression through professional acting.

The stage became his playground, shaping not only

his craft as an actor but also nurturing a deep-seated love for live performance. 

Beyond the spotlight, Sam's musical interest took root as he immersed himself in the rich and eclectic soundscape of New York City. Drawing inspiration from a vast array of musical genres, Spoonuel's sonic palette became a melting pot of influences ranging from indie shoegaze sleeper hits to rnb ear-worms. His style is changing as you read this.

Sam's commitment to the craft extends beyond his solo endeavors as he collaborates with various local bands, infusing his distinctive style into layered projects that resonate with listeners. Over the years he has been insanely lucky to have the opportunity to work with an insane pool of talented artists/musicians, there are honestly too many to name at this point but they know who they are.

An integral part of Spoonuel's creative journey is his role as a producer for independent artists, including Chloe Berry, who also happens to be his girlfriend. Sam's production prowess adds an extra layer of magic to Chloe's soulful songwriting, creating a synergy that elevates both their individual artistry.

With Spoonuel's discography of work, each track is a sonic adventure, inviting listeners into a world where genres collide, and boundaries fade away. Sam Poon, through his alter ego Spoonuel, continues to captivate audiences with music that is not just heard but felt—a testament to the limitless potential of a young artist on the rise in the city that fuels his creativity.

Past Credits

¿baby blue? is the story of an intergalactic war criminal sent to exterminate a poisonous planet in a neighboring galaxy. Told entirely through music using Gian Perez’s first album Baby Blue and his hip-hop project Seymour Strange (¿?), this piece is a multimedia concert experience fusing concert, theater, performance art, and live music video to create a new form.

Production Design & Stage Management by Pedro Hernandez
Costume Design by Nicole Jablonski
Band: Anthony Genovesi, Greg Lou & Spoonuel

Let these jovial yet poignant tunes (narrated by Chloe's dulcet vocals) guide you through whatever hardships that may come your way. My credits include recording, producing, performing, co-arranging, mixing, and mastering. 

McGovern takes you on a journey with his dynamic and beautiful tunes. I am happy to have been involved over these years whether it be producing, mixing, performing, and more.

Last spring I had the opportunity to record, mix, and master a live studio album with the rock improv group Su$hi, helmed by Gian Pérez. Greg Lou was on bass and Tony Genovesi on drums. I've also gotten the opportunity to join the band at local shows, primarily on samples/electronics and sometimes percussion.

Video Edited by Will Poon
Song rec/prod me, feat. the homie Skylar Symone :)

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