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Recent Credits 2024

Here are some wonderful projects that I have had a hand in creating this year so far!

Playlists to hear more!

Skin / You Mean It (This Time) - 2 track EP by Chloe Berry

I am more than happy to be helping pave the way for this more mature and more guitar/band based sound with Chloe. "Skin" was featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds AND Fresh Finds Indie Playlist. Written by Chloe, with coproduction (guitars, synths, etc) from me and coproduced by Harper James. Mixed/mastered by Harper. Listen now.


Wouldn't U Know / Evening Blue - 2 track EP by Steph Chow

Starting the year fresh with a new name and more organic sound is Steph, who came to me earlier this year with these amazing Syd-esque r&b tunes. I had the pleasure of mixing both of them and doing a tiny bit of add'l production on "Wouldn't U Know". Written by Steph Chow, mixed by me, mastered by Moye. Listen now.


bambú - Solo Guitar Album by Gian Perez

Last fall, Brooklyn-based guitarist Gian Pérez and I set out to capture an improvised recording of his guitar playing and unique style he has developed over the years. It finally came to fruition in January when we came together for several hours to record, produce, and mix the album. Out now on Bandcamp and all DSPs.


Live Sound Engineering and Recording @ Pink Frog Cafe

I was asked to come and run the boards and also capture a multi-track live recording for indie artist Black Hibiscus at his EP release show. Assistant engineer: Greg Lou.


About to Blow - Single by Ashantay Ganaway

Having worked with Ashantay for a couple of years now, I have learned her style and really enjoy fleshing out her tunes. Written and performed by Ashantay, coproduced and mixed/mastered by me!

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